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Product name : dpl ipl hair removal machine
Item : P85-2
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  Technical Principles
DPL “Delicate Pulse Lights “the world's latest generation of beauty technology, also known as narrow spectrum light tender
skin.With the traditional technology of photon tender skin (IPL, Intense Pulse Light), it can send out a set of precise control at
100nm range of specific wavelengths of Light, can be absorbed by the melanin and hemoglobin efficiently, thus breaking the
diseased tissue, quickly and efficiently solve the problem of hair, facial spots and capillary expansion, make skin white and tender.
Machine functions
1. Hair Removal: permanent hair removal, throughout the body
indecent hair (growthperiod of hair ), including the lighter fine hair.
2. freckle: get rid of freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne India, facial blemishes.
3. rejuvenation: improve large pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, restore skin elasticity.
4. Treat blood capillary expansion: redness, facial flushing.
5. Improve dull complexion, white skin, uniform color.

DPL is a new generation of 100nm narrow-spectrum photons. The wavelength is thoroughly optimized. The melanin
absorption rate is significantly 5 times higher than that of traditional IPL. It has more complete freckle removal, and has
obvious advantages for light spots and speckles.Instrument advantage:
1.Short time: only 20-30 minutes for one treatment;
2.Non-invasive: No trauma to skin tissue;
3.Painless: no need for anesthesia, only slight burning sensation during treatment;
4.No follow-up care required: no special post-operative care required;
5.No side effects: no physical or chemical adverse reactions after treatment;
6.Stable effect: equivalent to more than ten times of other methods;
7.Safety: DPL narrow-spectrum light skin rejuvenation is a combination of high-tech optics and human biological engineering 
technology, which has changed the previous skin rejuvenation method.

Range of application
 1.SHR & E-light two tecnologies in one machine more advanced.
2.8 inch color touch screen easy to operate.
3.Best cooling system:Air cooling+Water cooling+Screen Cooling.
4.Handle 100000 shots guarantee.
5.We can help you custom your local languages and add logo on the screen and body of the machine.

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