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Products > water meso gun > > Pure oxygen jet and spray skin care machine
Product name : Pure oxygen jet and spray skin care machine
Item : F08U
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 1. Introduce

Oxygen facial machine is used for oxygen facials and body treatments. It is compact and portable, it hosts a
powerful oxygen concentrator, able to deliver 96% pure oxygen.It comes with airbrush that let you nebulize on
the skin oxygen together with specific natural cosmetics, oxygen facial machine is absolutely the smallest
effective oxygen jet machine for oxygen facials and oxygen body treatments!Our oxygen injections are
non-invasive treatments for fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and acne.Among more and more famous
people, they like this kind of therapy. The system provided by antioxidants, amino acids and serum of nano
water molecules, through oxygen to moisturize the skin, and immediately to the skin filling water, make the
skin look younger, feel more young.Its advantage is broad, system or treatment have been widely applied to
support cosmetic laser and surgery, significantly improved the appearance of some common skin disease,
such as acne, lees, severe premature aging and dry skin.

2. Function

(1) Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores, deep cleaning, and improve the flexibility
and tone of skin.

(2) Scar removal: remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc.
(3) Wrinkle removal: remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins.
(4) Acne removal: remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar.

 3. Parameter

Product name O2toderm Oxygen spray machine 
Output power DC 12V  4A
Max output 350VA
Vacuum power 1 bar max

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