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M8 dermapen
Products > water meso gun > > atomizer with needle free meso Injection pen
Product name : atomizer with needle free meso Injection pen
Item : AF-F13R
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 Non-invasive atomizer efficacy:

1. Moisturizing, hydrating
The non-invasive atomizing gun is a deep-seated, high-end reshaping product that supplements the skin
with hydration, keeps it radiant and bright, maintains a youthful appearance, and lasts a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

2. Whitening, skin rejuvenation
The whitening factor and anti-oxidant substances are delivered to the dermis to repair the damaged cells of the skin
and make the skin delicate and soft. Improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, scars and stretch marks, skin whitening,
lightening spots, etc. Improve facial skin tissue

3. Tighten and repair
Multi-vitamins such as growth factors and stem cells are delivered to the dermis, which promotes the reactivation
of fibroblasts, repairs and tightens the skin.

4. Wrinkle, anti-aging
By injecting hyaluronic acid and growth factors into the skin's dermis, it can quickly and
effectively eliminate static wrinkles. It can also effectively reduce dynamic wrinkles and
stretch marks, fine lines, fine lines and sagging skin, and reverse youth. Powerfully
enhances facial skin and creates beautiful curves.

 Use non-invasive atomizer Note:

1. If the ampoule is used once, it can not be used anymore because it is a disposable 

2. White plastic head disinfection before use, if improper use, then the white plastic 
parts will not turn well, then look at the silver hardware inside the screw there is 
nothing blocked.

3. Use can not be always hair, but to follow the steps to do, if ever hair, it may 
lead to gun fever quickly and it will automatically protect the protection after the 
fight, to wait for it to reach the normal use temperature Can be used under.

4 use 30 minutes, wait 5 minutes to cool, then use, if the heat can not lead to that, 
it is all right, so it can be cooled 2 to 3 minutes to normal use, this is normal, but 
also can not say that gun problem.

Non-invasive nebulizer therapy Note:

1. Do not squeeze the injection site after injection for different physical groups, 
the performance after injection will be different. The main phenomenon is the presence 
of red spots or small blood drops in the injection site, these are normal, the normal 
recovery period of 1 week, some differences in physical fitness for 2 weeks.

2. 2 days after use do not make-up, pay attention to sunscreen, do not soak in hot 
springs, less exercise, apply more mask.

3. The initial operation or the site of the wound is forbidden to use; People with 
many teeth in the teeth are forbidden to use; Those who are very weak in sebum 
membrane are hard to fade red when they touch the skin, and those who are allergic to 
leukemia can not use it.

4. Face surgery, and deep exfoliation did not recover the crowd can not do; people 
receiving radiotherapy can not do;

5. After doing care do not use their own ointment, skin care products or cosmetics to 
clean the treatment area, and do not touch the treatment area to reduce the risk of 

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