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Products > Skin Care machine > > Morpheus 8 gold rf with cold hammer
Product name : Morpheus 8 gold rf with cold hammer
Item : F77-3
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 1. Product description
Crystallite Depth 8, also known as gold RF Crystallite beauty instrument, crystallite depth 8 is a new
high-end medical minimally invasive skin beauty artifact, which combines RF + insulating microneedle + dot matrix technology device of. The device is equipped with interchangeable 4 different probe configurations (12p, 24p, 40p, nano-probe), and the system can be freely adjusted to set the insulating Crystallite head to penetrate into the skin at different depths of the target tissue (between 0.5-7mm), providing Minimally invasive treatment for deep 8mm subcutaneous adipose tissue remodeling, thermal effect that penetrates subcutaneous tissue up to 7mm + additional 1mm depth, aimed at remodeling collagen and coagulating adipose tissue. Crystallite Depth 8 Body's unique Burst Mode RF technology automatically deploys RF energy to multiple levels of treatment depth in one cycle. The ability to sequentially target tissue on three levels at millisecond intervals to treat 3 layers of skin at a time significantly shortens treatment time, minimizes skin damage, and improves treatment uniformity, providing physicians with an anti-aging and skin resurfacing new solutions for restoration and enabling customized fractionated whole body treatments.The Crystallite Depth 8 is deeper than any RF microneedling device.

2. Working principle
Crystallite Depth 8 is a minimally invasive fractional treatment combining microneedles and RF energy. Under the control of the electronic system, dozens of insulated needles quickly penetrate the epidermis at the same time, emit RF energy from the needle tip, and then quickly exit the skin. RF energy is penetrated deep into the skin through tiny needles, causing tiny damage, penetrating and opening the absorption channel of the skin, so that nutritional products can enter the skin, and trigger the body's natural healing response. At this time, the thermal stimulation generated by RF together stimulates the self-repair mechanism of the skin, while liquefying and destroying fat cells, it shrinks a large area of soft tissue and stimulates the production of skin fibrous tissue and collagen, thereby reducing fat, remodeling and Tighten and lift the skin.
The penetration of Crystallite opens the fast absorption channel of the skin, and can directly introduce repair liquid, antioxidants and other drugs into the deep layer of the skin, which can further play the role of active ingredients and drugs, further deeply repair the skin, and realize the effect of 1+1>2 Purpose.
4. Application

(1) Wrinkle removal
(2) Facial rejuvenation and beautification, skin regeneration, firming and lifting
(3) Remodel fat and collagen improve Remodel fat and collagen, improve cellulite, improve stretch marks, and refine skin texture
(4) Postpartum repair: (abdomen) stretch marks, (buttocks, legs) swelling marks;
(5) Skin rejuvenation: Improve uneven or rough skin texture, dull skin texture and make the skin rosy; shrink large pores;
(6) Scar removal: acne pits and acne marks, acne depression scars, burn scars;
(7) Treatment of acne: especially effective in the treatment of active acne;
(8) Deodorization: treat underarm odor and armpit hyperhidrosis;
(9) Regular skin maintenance

5. Parameter
110-220V 50 / 60Hz
12pin, 24pin, 40pin, nano crystalline 
Output frequency

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