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M8 dermapen
Product name : plasma pen
Item : AF-A4U
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 The Plamere machine is perfect for Beauticians and Non Medical estetheticians who are wanting to branch out into more advanced skin treatments. We are training with this machine worldwide and offering a comprehensive course consisting of prestudy and practical days with us working on live models. We do not train on fruit especially oranges! We think that training you on anything other than human skin is an insult to your profession. Orange peel as some other training companies use to train on,  is nothing like human skin in its structure and therefore is misleading in comparison.  You need to understand how the skin reacts and heals afterwards.


Many machines on the market currently are burning and scarring people, due to poor training and low quality machines imported from China even when you are told they are made elsewhere like Germany or UK.. . Always ask for proof. We are a completely transparent training company offering qualified trainers, insurance when you train with and guidance during and after your training. Our machines come with a manufacturers guarantee and warranty, proof of the country where it was manufactured. We don;t believe in hiding things that will come back to slap us in the face later. Proper education is vital in treatments of this nature, when you are working on peoples faces and bodies do not take shortcuts, if you harm them you will be in legal trouble and your unqualified trainer will have ridden off into the sunset,


Beauticians should not be performing these treatments with so little experience in skin trauma, we have ladies just trained in lashes now being trained to remove loose skin on eyelids… it is not right for you as the student to be abused in this way, you are not trained to the level you should be doing this yet..  but ruthless training companies are cashing in on the current surge of people wanting to train in this life changing treatment, accepting any level student and boasting about buying yachts with all the money they are making. Do not become a victim of training company cowboys that popup with flash marketing and then disappear a few years later. Calling themselves masters with less than a years train

 Removal of spots:

Move the needle slightly towards the spot and it can be very clear that the melanin is burnt and falls off after the electric needle sweeps over it, and if the spots are shallow and the area is small, they can be removed all in one go. If it is a larger area and the pigmentation is darker, it will take 2 or 3 attempts to remove it. We should also refer to your beautician when using electric needle treatment, not only should we keep the customers still, the beautician should balance the her hand with the electric needle and not shake to prevent burns, inconsistency, and to assist in the healing of wounds post-treatment.


Removal of moles:

Be wary to distinguish the mole extent when removing the mole, some moles grow on the surface of the skin and the root grows in the deep skin tissue. Do not break the surface of the mole all at once when using an electric needle, it's best to use a small square area for burning. If there is a deeper mole, not only to avoid inflammation after processing, it’s best to apply a nutrient cream acting like living cells 2-3 days before the wound is healed. This prevents dents in the skin. When applying the nutrient cream, you should pay attention to the wound and it should not suffer from inflammation, if it does, then do not wipe it.


Removal of granulation tissue:

Connect the granulation component with the electric needle port and burn the root cells of the granulation with the laser needle. After about a week, the granulation will fall off on its own. If the granulation is small, the granulation can be removed in one go using the laser needle. If the granulation is large, it should be burned several times, so as not to affect the healing of the wound.


Removal of tattoos:

In general, the area of tattoo removal is larger. It should be used with a large sized needle. The method of removing tattoo is the same as removing spots. The operation time may be slightly longer, and for tattoos with larger area (more than 3 cm). It should be processed multiple times, and must not be completed all at once. Otherwise, this will result in bacterial infection if you are not careful. This being said, if you're not careful with the bacterial infection, the results can be really bad. The beautician and the customer should be very careful, and if you have severe inflammation, you should consult a health practitioner as soon as possible. 

Power Supply         Rechargeable

Output Frequency      40Khz

Output Level         1-9

Output Mode          Continuous, Pulse

Power                Rechargeable Battery 3.7V, 400mAh

Tips              Acne tip, Lifting tip, Premeating tip, Fractional tip

Body Material           PC

Charging               USB

Lift Time             Max 3 Hours

Guarantee               1 year

OEM Service           OEM service


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