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M8 dermapen
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Product name : skin tester
Item : AF-T09
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 Boxy Skin & Hair Analyzer   can help you to do better job in image analyzation of skin & hair conditions by freezing image,zooming in image,multi-images comparision.Moreover the color emendation technology brings more gorgeous and vivid images. ( it has two kinds: contact with TV, or contact with USB)



1.Avoid to use this analyzer in high temperature,humidity,dust environment,otherwise it can cause the short life span of the machine.


2.There is a sophisticated electrocircuit and optics sysetm inside of the handle.Pls use it gently and avoid drop and collision.Otherwise it can affect the image.


3.During usage,if the lense is bedewed with water by accident,pls clean it with soft and dry cloth.And put it in cool and ventilated place to let it dry naturally and thoroughly.


4.If any dust falls into the photographic lens,there will be black spot in the appearance of the picture.At this time,rotate the lense 30° and take it off,dip a clean cotton bud into some pure ethanol to erase it.Then fix the lense back again.


5.Pls clean and dry the handle and lense throughly before long perservation.



Voltage: 110V/220V

Power:  13W

USB output Voltage:DC 5V

Working temperature Range:0°C~40°C

Image definition:1000000 pixels

G.W.  : 1.86kg



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