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Products > Basic care series > > 16-in-1 multi-function Salon beauty instrument
Product name : 16-in-1 multi-function Salon beauty instrument
Item : AF-B05
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16 in 1 Multifunctional Beauty Equipment  

B05, a 16 in 1 multifunctional beauty equipment, includes most of common and necessary function. And it is widely used. Especially in the Beauty Salon. It has wheels at the bottom so that it could be easily moved. And there is a tray used for placing the accessaries.


Each function has a seperated switch. Easy and simple to handle and overcome the defect of traditional multifunctional instrument that with one function break down, all the others could not be used. This instrument is with generous, elegant and futuramic design. The panel’s color is pastel. It has fully reflect utility value of this instrument. 


Main Function:

1)      Facial steamer & Ozone

Generate steam to moisten the skin, soften the epidermis, clean the dirt, blackhead, makeup residues etc. By the action of ozone light, the instrument could generate sterilized and antiphlogistic steam.

2)      Ultrasonic

Remove the pigment, accelerate the blood circulation, improve the metabolism, heal acne and the skin infected by acarus, etc

3)      Skin scrubber

Clean the cuticle and the dirt in the pore, smooth the wrinkle, whiten the skin and restore the elasticity.

4)      Cold & hot hammer

A derivative instrument of medical instrument, safe and reliable. Cold hammer has cold compress function, tighten the skin texture, anti-wrinkle. Hot hammer could activate the cells, accelerate blood circulation and lymphocinesia, ease the pain and heal arthritis.

5)      Brush

Eliminate the dead cell and the dirt in the pore, refresh the skin. Different brush to fit different part.

6)      High frequency

Accelerate the blood circulation and lymphocinesia, facilitate the cells metabolism. Supply the epidermis with nutrition and eliminate the harmful impurity. Improve the skin immunity.

7)      Galvanic

Induct the nutrition and essence into dermis, accelerate the absorption. Educe the impurity.

8)      Vacuum

Refine the striper pore, acne, pustule, clean the dirt and lipids inside the pore.

9)      Spray

Convert the toning lotion, anti-inflammatory lotion or shrinkage water into steam and spray.

10)   Emaculation (Remove spot)

Remove all kinds of spot such as freckle, senile plaque, tattoo etc. No scar, no bleeding.

11)   Magnifying lamp

Help to observe and analyze the skin. Make it easier and faster to find the blackhead and acne.

12)   Woods lamp

Be used to observe and analyze the skin properties.

13)   Diamond Microdermabrasion

The diamond Microdermabrasion provides a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin backup. This procedure removes skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin

14)   Cellulite reduction

Reduce the redundant cellulite, slim our body. 


Packaging Infos: 

Voltage: 110V/ 220V/ 240V

Meas: 109 x 67 x 55cm

G.W.: 32kg


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