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M8 dermapen
Products > Home use mini device > > ultrasonic beauty machine
Product name : ultrasonic beauty machine
Item : AF-M39
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 Light classification

1.The sunlight includes a lot of lights of different wavelengths,there are infrared light,visible light,(imply red,orange,yellow,green,black,orchid,purple),ultraviolent light etc.
2. LCD figures seven colorful photon beautiful skin instruments chose to use seven kinds of colors in the natural rainbow light wave,is a skin reborn of medical treatment application technique. kinds of color lights is different to skin reborn function because of different wave-length
(1) Red light(R) -activate(wave-length 640nm)
(2)Blue light(B)- slow(wave-length 480nm)
(3)Green light(G)-parallelism(wave-length 518nm)
(4)Purple ligh(R+B)t-drain(wave-length 640nm)
(5)The light (R+G)of huang protection (wave-length 590nm)
(6)The month is only green(G+B)-right (wave-length 640nm)
(7)White light(R+G+B)-ducting(wave-length 510nm)


1 Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy photon release about 400nm-2000nm wave-length(can immediately visible light and little part of infrared light mix and become)
2 Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy photon has advantage more than the sun light ,because it does not contain untraviolent light ,will not tan and burn a skin , will not lead with the result that skim cancer , and do not bring injury to eyes
3 Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy light also has advantage more than the laser ,because its wave-length ratio laser long,sopierce through the dint ratio laser geniality , but pulse seven colorful kinetic energy are unlike laser geniality, but pulse seven colorful kinetic energy are inlike laser concentration only at 1:00, It can with geniality of the energies overlay more wide treatment scope
4 Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy light contain small quantity infrared light, will raise skin temperature slightly surname1-3 degrees, very safe


Voltage 110v / 220v  50-60Hz
 Power  10 W
 Frequency 50~60Hz
 Package size 20*17*6cm

1, frequency:1MHZ(million times/second)

2, Each massage works up to 15 minutes and then device is turned off autonatically.

3, Three level energy output(weak,medium and strong), energy output.

4, Two output options available: continus waves and pulse waves.

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